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May 22-24, 2018

Why become CAOHC certified in Trinidad and Tobago?

The Occupational and Safety Act 2004 (as amended 2006) of Trinidad and Tobago, under Noise and Vibration, with respect to the hazard of noise in the workplace: Section 34(1) indicates compliance with prevention of hearing impairment caused by noise; and, Section 34(2) indicates the use of protective equipment for hearing protection as well as the medical examination of and assessment of those employees who are exposed to the risk of injury to their hearing, and to keep a record of the results of such examinations and assessments which includes audiometric testing and monitoring the work environment, as well as arranging programs for hearing conservation. Compliance with this section of the OSH Act 2004 of Trinidad and Tobago can be positively achieved through the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) course, which will add value to companies interested and/or needing to develop and implement an effective Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) for the well being of their employees. The course will train participants to conduct hearing tests and manage the implementation and follow-through of such an occupational health program. The implementation of a Hearing Loss Protection Program will proactively provide responsible care to employees in the prevention of hearing loss from occupational noise exposure.

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