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Professional Services

Our consulting services are for industrial clients, including transportation, mining, utilities and manufacturing (OSHA, MSHA and FRA). Typical services we provide include:​

Industrial hearing tests
Noise measurements and Dosimetry
Hearing Protection and HCP training
Record Reviews


  • Professional supervision of audiometric monitoring,

  • Audiometric review, data analysis and reporting,

  • Audiometric software and database management,

  • Medical referral determinations,

  • Recordable STS and work-related determinations,

  • Workers' compensation case review and expert witness testimony

  • On-site (and mobile) audiometric testing.

Noise Measurements
HCP Audits and Design


  • Sound surveys and dosimetry for regulatory compliance,

  • Comprehensive surveys of area noise levels and employee noise exposures,

  • Hearing conservation program (HCP) design and assessment,

  • Hearing criteria evaluations,

  • Communication and safety concerns,

  • Quality assurance and Audits of HCP.

Hearing Protection


  • CAOHC courses (National and International)

  • Training seminars in hearing loss prevention,

  • Hearing protection device (HPD) fit validation,

  • HPD selection, fitting and recommendations for compatibility.

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